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Committees Webpages

    Conference/Program Planning
    Conference Planning Committee members will partner with Conference Chair and Co-Chair to assist with organizing the chapter’s annual Human Resources conference.  Members of the committee will be responsible for; Solicitation of sponsors and advertising; Partner with identified facility on set-up, A/V and food/beverage; Solicit speaker applications, select relevant HR topics and complete HRCI certification grid; Identify Keynote speakers for both Executive Leadership Forum and Annual HR Conference.
    College Relations
    The Michiana SHRM Chapter College Relations serve as a liaison between student chapters; we promote the formation of new student chapters identifying potential sites.  We also serve as a communications link between student chapters and SHRM in disseminating information relative to student programs, scholarships, certification, student conferences, etc. Next, we encourage participation of student chapters in the SHRM Regional Student Conferences and Case Competition on the state and/or regional level, work with student chapter advisors, and encourage professional chapters to assist student members through scholarship programs, internships, and special student activities.  Then, develop recognition programs for chapter advisors including, but not limited to, sponsorship at local, state, or national conferences, and provide guidance and direction to chapter advisors, organization of new chapters, integration of Student Merit Award Program into student chapter activities, and opportunities for incorporation of student and professional chapter goals.  Finally, encourage student participation in the SHRM Student Focus and national awards programs.
    Working on diversity is a continual process of discussion, learning and raising awareness through programs and initiatives. There is no simple answer, so our committee looks for new ways to engage our membership as well as local leaders in sharing new ways that lead to a more diverse workforce.  We welcome new members to our committee who are committed to creating a more inclusive community.  We meet monthly, alternating between phone meetings and face to face.
    The Finance Committee’s purpose is to ensure the Chapter’s financial stability by providing oversight on its budget and investments.  The Committee will meet at least quarterly to ensure accurate tracking, monitoring, and accountability of funds, and will keep the board regularly informed of the general financial status of the Chapter.  The Committee will develop and regularly update a long-range financial plan for the Chapter, and work with the Treasurer to develop an annual budget and seek approval of the budget from the board.  The Committee should consist of between five and eight individuals; and members would include Board President, current Treasurer, immediate past Treasurer, other board members appointed by the board president and non-board members.
    Legislative/Government Affairs
    The Legislative/Government Affairs Committee welcomes new members to help Michiana SHRM stay up-to-date on the laws, regulations, and judicial decisions central to the work of Human Resources professionals.  The committee will meet quarterly to discuss changes in the legal landscape that are important to the HR community and develop the most efficient and effective means of communicating those changes to the Chapter.  
    The membership committee is responsible for conducting annual membership drives, responding to membership questions, collecting membership dues and/or lunch fees.
    Social Media
    Do you use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube every day? Is assisting with content coordination of the Michiana SHRM website and create a social media strategy in our community and for our members deep-rooted in you? Do you take pride in Michiana SHRM customer service excellence? We are looking for help from highly motivated and passionate volunteers to increase Michiana SHRM presence on Internet based social networks and engage our members through contests, campaigns, and encourage debate on social media.
    Workforce Readiness
    Join the Workforce Readiness Committee!  Please join in our efforts to ensure that our Michiana workforce has the skills, competencies, and behaviors that it takes to succeed in the workplace.  Whether through job fairs, resume reviews, mock interviews, or job shadowing programs, we can make a difference in our community and for our membership.  We hope to continue to partner with other stakeholders, while building awareness in the workplace and community, and providing our members with tools and techniques to improve their workplaces as well as opportunities to work with, develop and support our target workers.