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Job Postings Cost

    Michiana SHRM Chapter Job Posting Service

    Jobs are posted for a maximum of 30 calendar days (a renewal option is available).
    Post an unlimited number of Human Resources jobs.
    • National/ Michiana SHRM Members: FREE 
      • (Please provide national SHRM Member Number or state "current Michiana SHRM Member" when requesting the ad.
    • Non-Profit Organizations: FREE
      • (Non-Profits more than 60 miles from South Bend can post ads for $25.00)
    • Non-Members: $100 per posting  
      • (See Membership to find out how to make your posting free!)

    To Post A Position on Michiana SHRM Website. 

    Send your job posting information via email to (See the sample template below. Links to your career page or online application site are highly recommended. Positions will be posted within 48 hours of receipt and you will be notified when they are active.
    Should you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you.

    Sample Template:  The information above the word "Overview" is a standard format. Salary Range can be omitted, if desired.  The headings are a suggestion; however, we ask that job postings be brief and include links to lengthy text suc as a full job description.  If your posting is excessively long, we reserve the right to request it be reduced.

    Human Resources Manager

    Company: ABC Corporation
    Location: US-South Bend, IN
    Job Type: Direct Hire | Full Time | Exempt
    Salary Range: $XX,000 - $XXX,000 plus benefits  (optional)
    Reports To: Chief Financial Officer
    (A sentence or 2 describing the position)
    Main Responsibilities

    (5-10 bullet points covering the major duties of the position)

    Knowledge / Skills / Attributes
    (5-10 bullet points covering required education, certifications, software, skills, etc)
    More Information / How to Apply
    (Link(s) to your career page, online application site, full job descriptions, etc.)