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Membership in Michiana SHRM Chapter

    Michiana SHRM 2018 Membership Campaign


    Become part of an award-winning Chapter with a local, state and national presence! Michiana SHRM Chapter membership is based on a calendar year, so it’s time to join for 2018.

    We believe that every HR Professional needs reliable HR resources to draw from, in addition to a strong network of colleagues to share and collaborate with. With that goal in mind, Michiana SHRM became a 100% SHRM membership chapter in 2017! By doing this, we will stop charging Chapter dues so you can instead invest that money into your National SHRM Membership. We are confident that being affiliated with both your local SHRM Chapter and National SHRM will provide you the maximum benefits as an HR Professional!

    What does this mean for you?

    If you are currently a National SHRM Member you will not be charged for Michiana Chapter membership.  All you have to as an active National SHRM member is list Michiana Chapter #016 as your local Chapter* and pay for attendance at luncheons and other Chapter events like conferences and workshops. For the maximum savings, choose the pre-paid lunch option—it’s like getting one month free!

    If you ARE NOT a National SHRM member, that’s okay! We strongly encourage you to consider investing in a National SHRM Membership. But wait, there is more! You can also receive an additional $20 discount if you are a first time National SHRM Member. Use discount code 0118. For more information on membership with National SHRM, visit REMEMBER! If you do decide to join National SHRM be sure to designate Michiana Chapter #016 as your local Chapter* and also notify Elizabeth Dillon, VP of Membership.

    Registration for 2018 Michiana SHRM is now open with the following renewal options:

    • National SHRM – Pay-as-you-go Luncheons $25/meeting

    • National SHRM Prepay – Prepaid Luncheon $225.00

    • Non-National SHRM – Pay-as-you-go Luncheons $25/meeting

    • Non-National SHRM Prepay – Prepaid Luncheon $225.00

    • Retired - Pay-as-you-go Luncheons $25/meeting

    • Retired Prepay - Prepaid Lunch- $225.00

    • Student – Pay-as-you-go Luncheons $15/meeting

    • Student Prepay - Prepaid Lunch- $135.00

    Luncheons require separate registration even if you prepay for the entire year. If you prepay luncheons and are unable to attend, you may transfer your seat to another colleague.

    We appreciate your interest and support in Michiana SHRM and hope to see you at our next meeting! If you have any problems and/or questions with your membership registration, please email Elizabeth Dillon at

    Please forward this opportunity to other HR Professionals in your network who could benefit from being part of an award-winning local SHRM Chapter!

    *How do I designate Michiana Chapter as my local chapter?

    1. Log in at and click Edit Profile from the drop down menu under your name in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 
    2. Click Profile from the left-hand menu and scroll to the bottom. 
    3. Under Chapter Affiliation, select Indiana as your Chapter State and Michiana Chapter of SHRM as your Chapter Name. 
    4. Don't forget to click Save! 

    New Members click here for your welcome information (after you receive confirmation that your account is active).